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How Your Immune System Fights Cancer

Immunotherapy, a type of biological therapy, is a cancer treatment that enhances your body's natural immune system to detect and destroy cancer cells.

Types of Immunotherapy

Bassett Cancer Institute uses immunotherapy as part of several cancer treatment options. Our oncologists utilize:

  • Monoclonal antibodies, which identify cancer cells and alert the immune system that these cells are dangerous invaders that should be eliminated
  • Adoptive cell transfer, also called T-cell therapy, to help T-cells destroy the cancerous cells within a tumor
  • Cytokines, either interferons (proteins released in response to a virus) or interleukins (proteins that help stimulate immunity), that work together to strengthen the immune system on a cellular level

Immunotherapy Treatment

The type of immunotherapy you receive at Bassett Healthcare Network will depend on both your cancer type and stage. Immunotherapy is often performed in treating lung cancer, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, lymphoma, melanoma, and many other tumors. While immunotherapy is not an option for all forms of cancer, it is sometimes available as part of a clinical trial.

Learn if Immunotherapy is an Option for You

Immunotherapy is a form of cancer care that harnesses the power of your own immune system to identify and kill cancer cells. If you have a cancer diagnosis, ask your primary care practitioner or specialist if immunotherapy is available for treating your type of cancer.

Bassett Healthcare Network uses immunotherapy in Central New York, including its facilities in Cobleskill, Oneonta, Herkimer, and Cooperstown.