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Genetic Cancer Risk Reduction Program

Learn More About Our Genetic Cancer Risk Reduction Program

Call our team for more information about our genetic cancer screening, testing, and counseling. We can also help you to understand the referral process.

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Bassett's Genetic Cancer Risk Reduction Program

The Bassett Cancer Institute partners with the Wilmot Cancer Institute’s Hereditary Cancer Screening and Risk Reduction Program to offer genetic cancer screening, testing, and counseling clinics to eligible Bassett patients.

Genetic testing can detect inherited changes in your DNA, called pathogenic variants, which may explain your personal or family history of cancer. The results of this genetic test can also be informative for you and your family to guide cancer screening and any next steps.

Genetic Cancer Testing Services

  • Assessment of your cancer risk based on genetic testing and family history.
  • Development of a personalized cancer screening plan.
  • Recommendations for risk-reducing measures.
  • Guidance for talking with your family about their cancer risk.

Patients Eligible for Genetic Testing*

Genetic testing is available through Bassett’s program with the Wilmot Cancer Institute for patients who:   

  • Have been diagnosed with cancer, and
  • Have never had genetic cancer testing performed.

*If you have not been diagnosed with cancer, have a family history of cancer, and/or have had previous genetic cancer testing, please talk to your practitioner about being referred directly to the Hereditary Cancer Screening and Risk Reduction Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Clinics are conducted with a Wilmot Cancer Institute practitioner using TeleHealth technology from a Bassett location. They take place twice per month and rotate between our CooperstownHerkimer, and Oneonta sites.

Yes. Your practitioner will need to place a referral for genetic testing and counseling after determining that you meet the eligibility requirements.

Genetic cancer testing can be performed using saliva or blood specimens. Your practitioner will determine which method will be used, but blood specimens are typically preferred.

Your test results will be sent to you by mail and will be uploaded for access through your MyBassett electronic health record.

If your test results are positive for any pathogenic variants that increase cancer risk or for any variants of uncertain significance, your Wilmot Cancer Institute practitioner will discuss their recommendations with you and your referring practitioner.

Contact Us

If you’re interested in our Genetic Cancer Risk Reduction Program, please contact us at (607) 547-6624 for more information or for help with the referral process.

Bassett Healthcare Network partners with Wilmot Cancer Institute to provide genetic cancer screening, testing, and counseling services via the use of TeleHealth technology in Central New York, at our clinics in CooperstownHerkimer, and Oneonta.