Chemotherapy & Medical Oncology

At Bassett Cancer Institute, our board-certified hematologists, oncologists, oncology nurses, pharmacists, and support staff all work closely together, and with you, to develop individualized treatment programs for each patient. Our medical oncology treatments include chemotherapy, immunotherapy, personalized target therapy, and supportive care.

What is Chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy works to slow or stop the rapidly dividing and growing abnormal (cancerous) cells. Chemotherapy is not radiation, but medication that can be administered intravenously (IV), orally (pills), or transdermally (lotion absorbed through the skin). As one of multiple cancer treatment options offered at Bassett Healthcare Network, chemotherapy fights the disease using sophisticated cancer drugs. 

Chemotherapy Types

A common treatment option for cancer, chemotherapy can be used alone or as part of a more complex treatment plan. The cancer care team at Bassett Healthcare Network may recommend chemo treatment for the following reasons:

  • To aid radiation or surgical oncology and deliver an improved combined outcome. This is known as concomitant chemotherapy
  • To destroy cancer cells that remain after radiation therapy or surgery. This is known as adjuvant chemotherapy
  • To shrink tumors prior to surgery or radiation therapy. This is known as neoadjuvant chemotherapy
  • To relieve symptoms such as bleeding or pain that has been caused by tumors or cancerous cells 
  • To treat recurrent or metastatic cancers 

Our Medical Oncology Team

The medical oncology physicians work with oncology pharmacy staff and other medical oncology specialists to ensure a smooth treatment process. Patients are also offered many additional support services, including:

Is Chemotherapy the Right Cancer Treatment for You?

At Bassett Cancer Institute, our medical oncology team is dedicated to providing comprehensive care to each patient we treat. To learn more about chemotherapy and for professional guidance about treatment options, please call us at 607-547-3336.

Bassett Healthcare Network provides comprehensive medical oncology cancer treatments including chemotherapy in Central New York. Our cancer treatment centers are located in Oneonta, Cobleskill, Cooperstown, and Herkimer.


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