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Dr. Kai Mebust Appointed Chief of the Department of Medicine for Bassett Medical Center

Kai Mebust, MD, has been appointed Chief of the Department of Medicine for Bassett Medical Center.

February 24, 2020
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Bassett Soiree Raises $250,000 for Medical Education

The soirée and auction raised $250,000 in support of the medical education program at Bassett Medical Center.

February 12, 2020
View ArticleDavid Oxley
Cardiology/Heart Care

Bassett Healthcare Network’s Echocardiography Laboratories Earn Accreditation

The echocardiography laboratories at Bassett Healthcare Network’s five hospitals have earned reaccreditation; all have been continuously accredited for the past six years.

February 11, 2020
View ArticleSully Joins the School-Based Health Center Team at Unadilla Valley Central School
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Sully Joins the School-Based Health Center Team at Unadilla Valley Central School

Sully, a three-year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, has joined the school-based health center team at Unadilla Valley Central School.

January 21, 2020
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NYS Patient-Centered Medical Home Recognition Awarded to 58 Bassett Health Centers

Fifty eight primary care, pediatric and school-based health centers in the Bassett Healthcare Network have been awarded Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) recognition.

January 21, 2020
View ArticleAnthony “Tony” Winkler with his daughter, Cass
Cardiology/Heart Care

TAVR Gives Anthony a Second Chance

“I was worried I wasn’t going to see my granddaughter graduate from high school next year. The TAVR procedure saved my life.” -Anthony Winkler, heart patient.

January 21, 2020
View ArticleDr. Richtsmeier - Bassett ENT Surgeon
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Dr. Richtsmeier Named Bassett Ambassador of the Year

Dr. William Richtsmeier was recently named Ambassador of the Year by Bassett Medical Center. Expressing appreciation for the team approach to medicine at Bassett Healthcare Network where he has served patients for 25 years total, he said, “I am very grateful for the support of the staff that allows me the opportunity to spend the time I need with my patients.

January 21, 2020
View ArticlePhoto caption (from left): A.O. Fox Hospital Cardiac Rehabilitation team members Steven Pickett, RN; Carla Ferraccioli, RN; Jerel Mark Zoltick, MD, FACC, attending cardiologist at Bassett Heart Care Institute; Mary Hansen, RN
Cardiology/Heart Care

A.O. Fox Hospital’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Program Recognized as Leader by the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation

A.O. Fox Hospital, part of Bassett Healthcare Network, is pleased to announce the recertification of its Cardiac Rehabilitation program by the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation (AACVPR).

January 9, 2020
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Commission on Cancer Awards Bassett Cancer Institute Three-Year Accreditation Bassett one of longest-standing accredited cancer programs

The Commission on Cancer (CoC) of the American College of Surgeons has granted three-year accreditation to the Bassett Cancer Institute. Bassett’s cancer program has been continuously accredited since 1947.  

December 19, 2019
View ArticleDr. Lee Edmonds, Director of the Bassett Sleep Disorders Center
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Loud Snoring May Be a Sign of Sleep Apnea

If you frequently wake in the morning without feeling completely rested and have a difficult time staying awake during the day, or your bed partner complains about your loud snoring at night, you may have sleep apnea.

October 10, 2019
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Heart Team Begins Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement Program

Bassett Medical Center surgeons and interventional cardiologists are now performing transcatheter aortic valve replacements (TAVR), the standard of care for patients with severe symptomatic aortic stenosis.

October 10, 2019
View ArticleScott Bonderoff, President of O'Connor Hospital in Delhi
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O’Connor Hospital President Scott Bonderoff Named Among New Board Members of Oneonta Community Health Center

Scott Bonderoff, president of O’Connor Hospital in Delhi and vice president of ancillary support at Bassett Medical Center, is among several community members newly appointed to the board of Oneonta Community Health Center (OCHC).

October 10, 2019