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    A cancer diagnosis is a life-changing event and can be filled with stress and anxiety. The Bassett Cancer Institute understands the challenges you and your family are facing, and we’re here to help.

    Deciding where to receive treatment and follow-up care following a cancer diagnosis is an important decision. The Bassett Cancer Institute offers a nationally accredited, multidisciplinary team approach to cancer care, in an academic setting. Since nearly all forms of cancer call for more than one type of treatment, Bassett’s medical, radiation and surgical oncologists work together to focus on the unique needs of each individual patient. Support services like nutritionists, social workers, drivers, financial advisors and nurse navigators will support you and your family with the resources and guidance that you will need.  

    Bassett's Cancer Program has been continuously accredited by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer since 1947, one of the longest, continuous accreditations in the nation, and our registered nurses in the Bassett Cancer Institute are oncology certified.

    Click here to view the American College of Surgeons Cancer Program Practice Profile Reports (CP3R) for Lung Cancer. Bassett Healthcare Network 2013-2016

    Advanced Technology    Bassett offers cutting-edge treatment options available at the largest hospitals including: da Vinci robotic surgery, linear accelerator radiosurgery, clinical trials, and chemotherapy treatment that follows the National Comprehensive Cancer Network guidelines. 

    Multidisciplinary Teams meet at a weekly multidisciplinary “Tumor Board” to discuss particularly complex cases with the entire team of specialists and colleagues, to ensure the best treatment options and continuity of care.

    The Cancer Registry collects data on all cancer patients diagnosed and treated at the Bassett Cancer Institute and provides feedback to their physicians regarding quality of care. The Cancer Registry assures that all cancer patients receive appropriate and adequate follow-up for the rest of their lives.

    Med Oncology Cancer services are provided in Cooperstown, Oneonta, Sidney, Cobleskill and Herkimer

    Radiation Oncology Cancer services are available in Cooperstown and Oneonta.