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Medical Student Electives: Urology


Brief Description

Provides experience in the understanding and management of patients with genitourinary system diseases.


The students will be expected to achieve greater familiarity with the practice of urology, including interview techniques, appraisal and evaluation of signs and symptoms, synthesis or diagnoses, and treatment design.

Learning Experience

The course can be tailored to the needs and experience of the individual student who will participate in inpatient and outpatient evaluation and treatment, in operative and cystoscopic procedures, and in detailed studies of specific disease entities. Students will be given the opportunity to practice skills under supervision, formulate diagnoses and share in supervised responsibility for patient care.


The student will receive continuous informal feedback during the elective from the preceptor and from the house staff associated with the urologic service.


Because of the close working relationship of the student and his preceptors, no formal testing at the end of the course will be necessary. Review of a listing of course objectives will be carried out to ascertain whether the students needs have been satisfied.


Given all year. Maximum number of fourth year students per month: One. Housing is provided when available, with the exception of the months of January, June and July. Conferences to be attended: All surgical conferences related to elective and Grand Rounds.


Members of the Attending Staff.