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Medical Student Electives: Emergency Medicine

Emergency Medicine

Brief Description

Emergency patient evaluation, history and physical, ordering appropriate ancillary services, deciding appropriate therapy and disposition, and completion of an adequate record under supervision of an Emergency Services Department Attending.


The student will be able to: Take an abbreviated initial history and perform a pertinent initial physical exam in order to begin emergency stabilization and data gathering on emergency or acute patients prior to obtaining a complete history and physical, and writing a complete chart order appropriate ancillary tests for the presenting problem.

Learning Experience

The student will be assigned to several attendings over the course of the month. The schedule assigned will reflect the attending schedule for the time and will include nights and weekends. It will also include travel to affiliated Emergency Departments within the Bassett network. No research will be involved. Readings will be suggested. Emphasis will be placed on the variety of conditions that can be seen and managed in the Emergency Services Department.


Feedback via case presentation and discussion. Overall evaluation will be performed at the end of the course. This will involve assessment of skills at history taking, physical exam, lab ordering, and chart completion, patient and personnel interaction.


See Feedback. A written evaluation will be given. No formal test as such will be given.


Maximum number of fourth year students per month: One. No car required. Housing is provided when available, with the exception of the months of January, June and July. No night call. Conferences to be attended: Topics in Ambulatory and Urgent Care, Emergency Medicine Lecture weekly, Trauma Conference alternate Thursdays.


Members of the Attending Staff.