Acting Internship in Surgery

Acting Internship in Surgery

Brief Description

This elective provides training in the management of patients with a wide spectrum of surgical problems integrated on a single service. Surgical specialties represented include general surgery, head and neck, neurosurgery, orthopaedic, pediatric, plastic, thoracic, urology, and vascular.


Students are provided with focused instruction on the pre- and post-operative management of surgical patients.

Learning Experience

The student assumes primary care of his/her patients on an integrated service. Utilizing the help and advice of residents and full-time attending staff, he/she admits and manages emergency and elective cases. The case load is designed to provide a broad surgical experience. Areas of particular interest to the student can be emphasized. This course is especially recommended during the first 9 months of the elective period.


The student is directly supervised by the resident and attending staff throughout his/her assignment to the service. Assessment and treatment of patients are reviewed daily by a resident and attending surgeon. At the end of the rotation, the student will receive feedback from the Course Director.


This is provided by a synthesis of opinions of at least 7 members of the faculty and senior resident level. No formal examination at the end of the course will be given.


Requires prior approval through the Office of Medical Education. Given all year with exception of January, June, and July. Maximum number of fourth year students per month: 1. Night call. A VEHICLE MAY BE NEEDED FOR THIS ELECTIVE. Conferences to be attended: Chief of Service Rounds, Surgical Grand Rounds, Surgical Case Presentation, Surgical Subspecialty Conference


Members of the Attending Surgical Staff.