Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery

Brief Description

Clinically oriented, patient exposure, working one-to-one with a plastic surgeon.


The student will be exposed to a wide range of clinical situations involving common disorders in plastic reconstruction and hand surgery, and will participate in evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of patients.

Learning Experience

Emphasis will be placed on clinical skills and direct patient contact. Basic surgical skills will be taught in the operating room and in the surgical laboratory and operating under supervision will be encouraged. The full range of plastic surgery problems, including hand surgery, cosmetic, congenital anomalies, and reconstructive surgery will be experienced. The experience is designed for students planning a career in any surgical discipline including plastic surgery.


This will be informal and continuous.


This will be continuous and informal without an examination.


Given all year for 1 month. Maximum number of fourth year students per month: 1. Minimum number of weeks allowed for this elective; 4 weeks are needed. Housing is provided when available with the exception of the months of June and July. A VEHICLE IS REQUIRED FOR THIS ELECTIVE.


Members of the Attending Surgical Staff.