• Chronic Condition Care

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    Understanding your conditions and learning how to move forward with your life with your chronic condition can be difficult. Bassett Healthcare Network have partnered with RHENSOM  and the Self Management Resource Center to develop programs specifically designed to help guide those with chronic conditions through their most difficult struggles and on to living a fuller life. Our FREE workshops give participants a community to lean on, tools to self manage their condition, and a plan to getting back to living well.

    Choose a workshop for you based on your chronic condition:

    What participants have said about how the program has helped them:

    • "I learned a lot and had fun!"
    • "Understanding my medications, understanding my illness and how to deal with it"
    • “Today is my tomorrow. It’s up to me to shape it, to take control and to live well.”


    For more information, call 607-547-3948 or email at LivingWellSessions@bassett.org