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Living Well with Diabetes

Living Well with Diabetes

Living Well with Diabetes is a workshop series that will help you take control of your diabetes rather than letting it control you! Get more out of life by attending this FREE workshop once a week for 6 weeks.

Self-management techniques include:

  • The importance of monitoring glucose levels
  • Observing symptoms and knowing what to do
  • Following a healthy eating plan
  • Engaging in regular physical activity
  • Managing stress and emotions (fatigue, depression)
  • Dealing with sick days, infections, and illnesses
  • Using medications in a safe and effective way
  • Getting necessary tests, exams, and immunizations

“Whether a newly diagnosed diabetic or someone who has had diabetes for years, this course will keep you updated and aware of ways you can help yourself maintain a healthy lifestyle.”

Diabetes Workshop Registration

We offer two ways to participate. There is no fee, just a commitment.

Click on your preferred method of participation and complete the webform to register for our workshops:

For more information on each delivery mode, please visit our Living Well FAQ page.

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