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Nursing at Bassett Medical Center

Bassett Medical Center's Nursing Program

Bassett Medical Center is a 180-bed acute care hospital nestled in the foothills of the Catskills, just an hour away from the state capital of Albany, New York. Nurses at Bassett Medical Center practice at the top of their scope with clinical expertise, compassion, and caring.

Julie Hall, RN: Vice President, Chief Nursing Officer

Welcome from Our Chief Nursing Officer

"It is because of the Bassett Nursing Professional that patients, their families, and the community continue to benefit from the compassionate care that is delivered and practiced here at Basset Medical Center.

Bassett nurses continue to be leaders in rural healthcare and remain role models for best practices through research, education, recognition, and professional development. I am inspired by our nurses continued participation and engagement in our many shared governance forums, as they have all led the way to many wonderful and meaningful initiatives! I am also thrilled at the thought of celebrating the achievement of our 1st Magnet designation in over 15 years in 2024.

Nursing at Bassett Medical Center is an extremely rewarding career, and our nurses continue to see the impact of their dedication and hard work. I am humbled and inspired by them all every day!"

Julie Hall, RN Vice President, Chief Nursing Executive

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Nursing Strategic Plan

Click the below link to view Bassett Healthcare Network's Division of Nursing — Strategic Plan 2020 - 2025:

Strategic plan

PTAP Designated

Bassett Medical Center's nursing program is Practice Transition Accreditation Program® (PTAP) designated, meaning that we continually work to improve structures and processes by creating robust, comprehensive programs for nurses’ transitions into and within the profession.

We keep our nurses engaged by offering:

  • PTAP designation
  • Shared governance 
  • uition reimbursement
  • Rural health care opportunities
  • Watson professional practice model

Benefits of PTAP

Three Bassett Medical Center Nurses

Journey to Magnet

American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC)

 Reaching excellence in nursing practice through Magnet Accreditation is the highest achievement a nursing organization can obtain through the American Nurses Credential Center (ANCC) to recognize their elite performance.

Bassett Medical Center will continue on their journey to promote professional development in nurses, cultivate discovery environments, and create systems and structures in which nurses flourish and patient quality outcomes are top decile

ANCC Magnet Recognition Program

According to the American Nurses Credential Center, to nurses, Magnet Recognition means education and development through every career stage, which leads to greater autonomy at the bedside. To patients, it means the very best care, delivered by nurses who are supported to be the very best that they can be.

Learn more about ANCC's Magnet Recognition Program:

Specialty Nursing Units at Bassett Medical Center

The Inpatient Medical Units are one of the best places to start your career. Our diverse patient population includes a wide variety of medical disorders from oncology, respiratory failure, cardiac issues, infections, or complication from multiple comorbidities. Through our medical pathways we navigate care progression and concerns as patients range from observation, to the acutely ill to critically ill to comfort care. There will be many professional development opportunities for you to learn and improve practice. Bassett Medical Center is an academic organization that is committed to learning and excellence. It is a welcoming environment with many opportunities for learning and those around who love to teach!

The Birthing Center at Bassett Medical Center provides services to women and children across several counties in central New York. On average we deliver 950-1050 babies annually. We are proud to offer each of our patients an exceptional care experience, as our delivery model includes specially trained nurses, operating technicians, certified nurse midwifes, board certified obstetricians, lactation consultants, and a complementary anesthesia team and several support staff members.

In 2022 our unit won the network award for patient experience and likelihood to recommend our hospital. Training on the Birthing Center is rigorous and traditionally lasts six months and is customizable to individual learning needs. We support nurses in their path to confidence and lifelong education, as a dedicated unit practice educator works closely with existing staff on annual competencies and onboarding for new hires. The Inpatient Pediatric unit also provides our community members with superior newborn mother/baby, pediatric and adult med-surg level care. If you are committed to excellence in patient care and looking to make a difference for women, infants, and children the Birthing Center or Inpatient Pediatric units may be for you. Each member of the care team plays a pivotal role in our success on the units.

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is an all-inclusive med/surgery/neuro/cardiac ICU consisting of 14 beds. There is 24/7 intensivist coverage and we serve all adult patients requiring critical care. Specialty training is available for RN’s in CRRT and ECCMO as well as CCRN certification. Ratios in the ICU range from 1:1 to 3:1 depending on acuity. Orientation consists of hybrid didactic and SIMS lab. The ICU is a wonderful environment to continue your career.

The Special Care Unit (SCU) is an all-inclusive cardiac, vascular, complex step-down sister unit to the ICU. It consists of 24 beds with usage of pressors, antiarrhythmics, and insulin IV therapy. Ratios in the SCU range from 3:1 and 4:1 depending on acuity. Orientation occurs side by side with the ICU staff with same hybrid didactic and SIMS lab.

The Emergency Department is a Level III Trauma Center; Stroke Center, STEMI Center/Cath Lab and TeleSAFE partner with 16+ beds with 20,000+ visits per year. Ratios in the Emergency Department range from 4:1 patient – nurse. Extensive orientation for non-emergency experienced staff-utilization a hybrid didactic and SIMS lab.

The Cardiovascular Imaging Department at Bassett Medical Center consists of Cath Lab RNs, CVRU (Cardiovascular Recovery Unit) RNs, and Cath Lab Radiology Techs. The Cath Lab here at Bassett Medical Center is multimodality. There are 3 Cath Labs in total:

  • Interventional Cardiac Cath Lab: Cardiac catheterizations +/- stenting, TAVRs, Watchman, PFO closure, etc.
  • Electrophysiology Lab: Cardiac ablations and intra-cardiac device implants (pacers, ICDs)
  • Vascular / Interventional Radiology Lab: Angiograms +/- intervention, infusaport placements, permanent dialysis catheter placements, AV fistulagrams, embolizations, drain placements, feeding tube placements, etc.

The RNs working in the CVI Department are required to have a background in critical care nursing (ICU, SCU, or ED) as they administer conscious sedation, circulate and monitor procedures, manage titratable infusions, and care for patients post sedation.

These RN positions require taking call as the department does not operate overnight or on weekends/holidays, except for emergencies. The Cardiovascular Imaging Department has an incredible team of nurses and radiology techs who thrive off of the dynamic and ever changing work we do for our patients. We do large hospital procedures in a rural hospital setting and offer services patients often have to seek elsewhere in rural communities. The learning and mastering of skills never ends in this department! Come join our team!

The Inpatient Surgical Unit is a 46 bed unit that cares for a variety of post-operative patients including orthopedics, neurologic, urologic, vascular, plastics, general GI, and a number of other cases. We specialize in caring for new ostomies, wound vacs and drains, chest tubes, NG and feeding tubes, and individualizing post operative treatments. Patient ratios on the Inpatient Surgical Unit are 5 or 6 patients per nurse, and we have recently introduced team nursing models with RNs being paired with LPNs in a 7 patient assignment which has been very successful in both nurse and patient satisfaction.

New hire nurses will receive a 10 to 12 week orientation working alongside a preceptor. New employees meet weekly with education and management to track progress and ensure needs are being met. There will also be off-unit experiences provided to improve understanding of how all departments in Bassett work together.

The Inpatient Surgical Unit is a great place to utilize your nursing skills given the wide variety of patients seen on a daily basis.

The Perioperative nurse cares for patients that are going to have or have had a surgical procedure under anesthesia. The perioperative area encompasses three unique units; the Ambulatory Surgery Unit, Outpatient Care Unit and the Post Anesthesia Care Unit. While separate units the three units work very closely together to support our patients who choose Bassett medical Center for their procedures.

We support eleven operating rooms, a procedure room as well as off sites such as the cardiac cath lab and the interventional radiology area.

We care for a diverse group of outpatients and inpatients with ages ranging from six months to 100+ years.

No two days are ever the same! We support many different services & providers.

We offer a very flexible schedule. Our staff work 8-10-12 hour shifts. We can be creative and mix shifts such as 3-eight hour shifts and 1 -12 hour shift. We cover days, evenings, nights and weekends! Ask about our Baylor program!

The peri-operative service promotes a healthy work environment and autonomy.