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What is TeleHealth?

TeleHealth refers to a variety of virtual health care services that are available through telecommunication technology. These virtual services are not limited to a traditional health care setting. Many TeleHealth services can be delivered wherever you are – at work or at home – and can either be synchronous (occurring in real-time between you and the practitioner), or asynchronous (back-and-forth communication with the practitioner, not necessarily in real-time).

Many of our virtual health care services are available through MyBassett Health Connection. If you’re not already enrolled in MyBassett, learn more about the benefits of this online health portal, then call our enrollment hotline to gain expedited access: (607) 547-5900 or toll-free, (877) 498-5715.

TeleHealth has become an integral part of Bassett Healthcare Network’s care model as we look to introduce new ways to access and deliver care to our local communities and out-of-town visitors, while also limiting contact and reducing exposure.

TeleHealth Benefits

When you request a health care appointment through Bassett Healthcare Network, you may be given an opportunity to be seen by a TeleHealth practitioner. This practitioner may be able to see you much sooner than an in-person practitioner. This is offered as a way to improve access to primary and specialty care, as well as to improve timeliness and convenience.

We encourage you to ask any questions you may have about how the visit will be conducted or what to expect. We will always obtain your consent prior to scheduling a virtual health care appointment.

These services are available to all local families and individuals, whether or not they receive primary care through a Bassett Healthcare Network primary care center.

Available TeleHealth Services

While our virtual health care services are constantly expanding to meet the needs of the communities we serve, our current services include:

Bassett Healthcare Network will continue investing in TeleHealth technologies and partnerships in order to offer improved access to primary and specialty care services.

Receive Quicker, More Convenient Access to Care with TeleHealth Services

If you’re interested in our TeleHealth services, contact our team or speak with your primary care practitioner to learn more about the benefits of online health care.

Bassett Healthcare Network delivers fast and convenient access to specialty care with TeleHealth throughout Central New York, including in Cooperstown, Cobleskill, and Oneonta.