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Bassett Hamilton-Madison Specialty Services & Women's Health

The Hamilton-Madison Health Center offers specialty care and women’s health services, as well as primary care, to patients in the local community.

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  • Bassett Hamilton-Madison Specialty Services & Women's Health

Phone Number: (315) 824-0161

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1055 Madison Marketplace
Hamilton, NY 13346

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Specialty Services 

Bassett Hamilton-Madison Specialty Services & Women’s Health offers specialty care and OB-GYN services to the local community. Learn more about our specialty care services:

Women’s Health

We also offer the following women’s health services:

The once-a-year well woman visit is an important part in managing a woman’s overall health. A well woman visit includes a pelvic and breast exam, and may or may not include a Pap smear. 

Current Pap smear test guidelines from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists:

  • Pap smear testing should begin at age 21
  • Women ages 21 - 29 should have a Pap smear test every 3 years
  • Women ages 30 - 65 should have a Pap smear test and an HPV test every 5 years (preferred), although it is acceptable to only have a Pap smear test every 3 years
  • Women may be eligible to stop having Pap smear tests after age 65 depending on their medical history. Please speak with your women’s health practitioner to discuss your eligibility

Hamilton-Madison Health Center

The Hamilton-Madison Health Center also offers primary care at Bassett Health Center Hamilton-Madison.