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Making Informed Decisions

Everyone who considers starting a family has questions regarding conception, pregnancy, and giving birth. At Bassett Healthcare Network’s family planning program, you have access to obstetricians, physicians, nurse practitioners, genetic counselors, and other experienced professionals to discuss your family planning needs.

Of course, our family planning services do not only include assistance with conception and pregnancy. Preventing unwanted pregnancy with effective birth control and contraceptives is an important aspect of our program. 

Family Planning Services

Bassett Healthcare Network offers several types of family planning services, including:

  • Genetic counseling. If your family has a history of inherited disorders, our specially trained staff can help you understand any implications for your pregnancy.  
  • Preconception counseling. A medical appointment to discuss your plans for starting a family is recommended for every prospective parent. You will discuss your lifestyle, work life, home, current health, emotional support system, and other factors that may affect the baby’s early years.
  • Contraceptive counseling. If you’re not planning to start a family now, a contraceptive counselor can walk you through your birth control options.

Why Family Planning is Important

If you are planning on having a baby, family planning is one of the best means of helping to ensure that you, your partner, and your baby will enjoy a healthy pregnancy and birth. Our experts recommend that you start your plan at least four months before you become pregnant. We can help identify and potentially correct the following concerns regarding conception:

  • One or both parents have a family history of genetic disease
  • Someone in your family has experienced miscarriage or birth defects
  • You have been trying to get pregnant and haven’t conceived yet
  • You’re trying to avoid getting pregnant and want to discuss potential contraceptives

If none of the listed reasons pertain to you, our obstetricians still recommend that all prospective parents discuss their plans for starting a family with their primary care practitioner, as an important part of their women’s health program. Bassett Healthcare Network provides family planning services to all who request them at our birthing center.

What to Discuss

Your family planning specialist will want to talk about:

  • Your own medical history  
  • Your diet, whether you maintain a healthy weight, any special nutritional needs
  • Your emotional support system, family, and friends
  • Your lifestyle, personal sleep habits, hygiene, alcohol use
  • Your genetic background

Contact Your Primary Care Practitioner

Family planning at Bassett Healthcare Network provides answers to your birth control and childbearing questions, and helps to either ensure a healthy pregnancy and birth experience, or avoid unplanned pregnancies. Ask your primary care physician or practitioner for a referral for our family planning services, or call 1-800-BASSETT to learn more.

Bassett Healthcare Network offers family planning in Central New York, including Oneonta, Cooperstown, Herkimer, Cobleskill, Hamilton, and other locations.