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TeleMedicine / Video Visits

What is TeleMedicine?

TeleMedicine is a synchronous TeleHealth service that may allow you to be virtually seen much sooner by a primary or specialty care practitioner than an in-person visit would allow. This can be done through live audio and video – known as a video visit – with one of our TeleMedicine practitioners. 

Video visits let you to see, hear, and speak with a practitioner from the comfort of your own home or from certain Bassett Healthcare Network primary care centers using our newest technology. Some TeleMedicine services require you to visit a clinical location rather than using a video visit through MyBassett. We will let you know what options you have for your specific visit.

Video visits are available through MyBassett Health Connection. Visit our MyBassett video visits page to learn how to log in or sign up for MyBassett, how to prepare for a video visit, and how to test your device before the visit.

Visit our Find a Doctor page and look for the blue TeleMedicine badge to see if your Bassett practitioner offers TeleMedicine / video visits. You can also enter “TeleMedicine” into the search bar for a full list of our TeleMedicine practitioners.

TeleMedicine Benefits

When calling us to request a new appointment, you may be offered a TeleMedicine / video visit if this would allow you to be seen quicker than an in-person visit. Or, you may be contacted to have a previously scheduled in-person visit converted to a TeleMedicine visit. We will always obtain your consent prior to scheduling a virtual visit. If you consent, our schedulers will give you some basic information about what the visit will look like. 

Benefits of TeleMedicine / video visits include:

  • Reduced exposure and limited contact
  • Shortened hospital stays
  • Reduced travel time and gas consumption
  • Less time requested off work to receive health care and consultations
  • Faster access to a specialist than traditional specialty service centers

TeleMedicine Services

TeleMedicine / video visits are currently available for the following services:

We offer TeleNeurology, TeleStroke, TeleNeuroSurgery, TelePulmonology, palliative care, psychiatry, and infectious disease TeleMedicine / video visits. We also offer TeleDermatology services at Bassett Medical Center.

Primary care patients in one location may be seen electronically by a practitioner at another Bassett Health primary care center, depending on availability and patient preference. This is currently available at Bassett Health Center Sharon Springs, Bassett Health Center Middleburgh, and Bassett Health Center Delhi.

Dermatology, endocrinology, and movement disorders (neurology) specialty services are available via TeleMedicine / video visits.

For patients who live further out in the Network from Cooperstown, we now offer TeleMedicine / video visits for pre-op appointments.

Students of local elementary, middle, and high schools with participating Bassett Health School-Based Health Centers can now utilize video visits to access a variety of pediatric specialties, including tele-psychiatry visits with a child or adolescent psychiatrist, medication follow-ups for ADHD or depression, concussion clearance by a pediatrician, dietary counseling with a registered dietician, treatment of uncomplicated acute illnesses, including cough, sore throats, ear pain, or rashes, and ongoing management of chronic illnesses, such as asthma.

Gain Expedited Access to MyBassett for Video Visits

Log in or sign up for MyBassett Health Connection in order to schedule a video visit. If you’re not able to enroll in MyBassett, video visits may still be a possibility. Visit our MyBassett video visits page to learn more.

Bassett Healthcare Network delivers fast and convenient access to primary care and specialty care through TeleMedicine / video visits throughout Central New York, including in Cooperstown, Cobleskill, and Oneonta.