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What is the MyBassett Messaging Service?

The MyBassett messaging service is a way for you to communicate with your health care practitioners electronically using MyBassett Health Connection! Sometimes, you'll have a simple medical question or request for your practitioner that can be done with a few messages, rather than a full in-person or TeleHealth visit. For these instances, virtual communication can get you the care you need more quickly & efficiently.

If we're able to address your concern through the MyBassett messaging service and eliminate the need for an in-person or TeleHealth appointment, we may bill your insurance company a small charge.

You will be shown the following messaging disclaimer before you're able to send us a message:

Ask a medical question

You have a simple medical question that doesn’t require an immediate response.

By sending us your medical question through this messaging service, you are consenting that we may bill your insurance company a small charge if this eliminates the need for an in-person visit.

If your question or request is urgent, please call 1-800-BASSETT for immediate assistance.

By clicking "Next," you consent to be billed for this service.

What types of concerns can be addressed with the MyBassett Messaging Service?

Common topics that we see in the MyBassett messaging service include:

  • Non-urgent medical questions or concerns.
  • New medication requests.
  • Referral requests.
  • Form completion requests.
  • Letters requests (excluding letters for emotional support animals).

How does it work?

You can initiate the MyBassett messaging service by:

  • Sending a MyBassett message to your practitioner with your medical need (appointment, refill, acute medical issue, or letter request).
  • Our staff will respond to confirm that the MyBassett messaging service is appropriate for your specific concern, or let you know if you need to schedule an in-person or TeleHealth visit.
  • If appropriate, one of our practitioners will respond via the MyBassett messaging service to address your medical need.

Why use the MyBassett Messaging Service?

There are many reasons that you may choose to use the MyBassett messaging service rather than schedule an in-person or TeleHealth appointment, including:

  • Convenience: No appointment required — get your medical needs addressed without a visit (if appropriate).
  • Efficiency: Your concern is addressed promptly by one of our practitioners.
  • Affordability: Same or lower cost than an in-person appointment.
  • Comfort: Eases the burden of traveling to the clinic.
  • Expanded Care: There is only one charge for addressing your concern over a seven day period.

Who can use the MyBassett Messaging Service?

You are eligible to use the MyBassett messaging service if you:

  • Are already enrolled in MyBassett.
  • Are an established Bassett patient (new patients are not eligible for this type of visit).
  • Have a non-urgent concern or question.
  • Have not had an in-person or TeleHealth visit in the past seven days for the same concern.

Is the MyBassett Messaging Service covered by insurance?

The MyBassett messaging service will be billed to your insurance company as a simple encounter. There may be some cost sharing or a co-pay for you based on your insurance plan if you receive treatment for your medical need with a medical decision that was made that eliminated the need for an in-person visit.

We encourage you to contact your insurance company to understand your specific coverage for this type of care.

How much does the MyBassett Messaging Service cost?

You are billed for the total time that your practitioner spent addressing your concern. The minimum time billed by a provider is five minutes. What you will be charged will depend on your insurance plan.