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If you’re a Bassett patient who uses MyBassett, log in to your MyBassett account to access E-Visits. For patients or non-patients who don't use MyBassett, call us at 1-800-BASSETT to register for Bassett E-Visits:

MyBassett Login Call: 1-800-BASSETT

Learn About the Benefits of MyBassett

Learn more about MyBassett Health Connection, including how to sign up and download the mobile app, answers to FAQs, and TeleHealth services available through the online portal:

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What are E-Visits?

E-Visits are a new, self-directed TeleHealth service that allows Bassett Healthcare Network patients and nonpatients to quickly and conveniently receive online health care for a variety of conditions – including ear pain, rashes, upper respiratory tract infections, and more – from anywhere in New York State (NYS).

E-Visits are an online, self-guided health exam with dynamic questions that change based on your responses. This virtual health assessment, triage, and treatment tool is mobile-friendly, available in Spanish, and automatically sends prescriptions to your preferred NYS pharmacy once approved by one of our practitioners. This same-day care option does not require an appointment, and you won’t be charged unless a diagnosis is made.

Each visit only takes about 10 minutes to complete, with a customized treatment plan sent back to you within an hour. E-Visits are available Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 4:30pm. To learn how you can access E-Visits, please see the registration information on this page.

Already Registered? Log in to Start your E-Visit

If you're a MyBassett user or have previously used our Bassett E-Visits system, click on one of the below links to begin your next E-Visit. If this will be your first E-Visit, continue reading this page to learn more – including how to register.

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Log in to your MyBassett account to start your E-Visit.

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Don't Have a MyBassett Account?

Log in to your Bassett E-Visit account to start your E-Visit.

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E-Visit Benefits

With E-Visits, you can skip a visit to the doctor’s office whenever you or your child (18+ months – 18 years old) is sick – or anytime you’d prefer virtual care! No video or direct communication is needed. Instead, simply log in to your E-Visits account (through your MyBassett account if you have one, or through our Bassett E-Visits login page for non-MyBassett users), answer the same health and symptom questions that an in-person practitioner would ask, and wait for one of our dedicated practitioners to contact you. The practitioner will immediately get an alert after you submit your responses, and will begin reviewing your medical history and current symptoms to create a customized treatment plan, prescribe medications, or assist you with your preventive care or chronic disease needs.

Your E-Visit practitioner may determine that your condition requires an in-person visit to provide a diagnosis. If this decision is made, detailed instructions will be emailed to you, and you will not be charged for your E-Visit.

Benefits of E-Visits include:

  • Speed and convenience – get care in minutes from anywhere in NYS
  • Affordability – only $25.00 per visit
  • Quality – receive the same great care as an in-person visit for acute needs
  • Safety – reduced exposure and contact
  • Security – your E-Visit is safely stored in your medical record
  • Privacy – easily share photos with no video needed

What Conditions Are Treated

E-Visits can currently offer treatment plans and/or prescriptions for the following conditions or concerns for adults and children.


  • Acne
  • Ear pain
  • Migraines or headaches
  • Birth control
  • Mouth sores
  • Constipation*
  • Low back pain*
  • Yeast infections
  • Smoking cessation*
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Minor burns or sunburn
  • Breastfeeding concerns
  • Rashes and other skin conditions
  • Eye pain, bumps, or irritation
  • Sexually transmitted infection (STI) exposures
  • Bladder infections (Urinary tract infections / UTIs)*
  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD / acid reflux) – including heartburn / indigestion*
  • Upper respiratory tract infections (URIs) – including COVID-19, colds, allergies, flu, sinus pain, or sore throat

*E-Visit treatment plans for this condition are not available for those aged 65+. Please call 1-800-BASSETT if you have any questions.


  • Rashes (ages 18 months – 17 years)
  • Head lice (ages 18 months – 17 years)
  • Upper respiratory tract infections (URI) – including COVID-19, colds, allergies, flu, or sore throat (ages 18 months – 17 years)
  • Red eye (ages 2 – 17)
  • Acne (ages 12 – 17)

Please note that online health care should not be used for emergencies. If you’re experiencing a medical emergency, call 911 or visit the emergency department nearest you.

Payment Information

E-Visits are a great online health care option for those with and without insurance. Each visit is only $25.00, and you won’t be charged unless a diagnosis is made – making this your least expensive path to care.

If you have insurance, you can choose to submit your receipt to your insurance company directly. We will not automatically charge the insurance that you have listed in our system.

How to Access or Register for E-Visits

Before you can start your first E-Visit, you may need to register. How you can register will depend on your status as a Bassett Healthcare Network patient, as well as your status as a MyBassett-enrolled patient:

If you’re already a Bassett patient who uses MyBassett, simply log in to MyBassett, select "E-Visits" from the menu options, and you will automatically be logged into E-Visits.

If you already have a MyBassett account, make sure that you do not register using the other methods listed on this page. If you do, E-Visits will not integrate correctly with your MyBassett account.

If you’re already a Bassett patient but are not enrolled in MyBassett Health Connection, you have two options for registration:

  1. Enroll in MyBassett (Preferred). MyBassett Health Connection is a free, secure online health portal that allows you to better manage your health care. Visit our benefits of MyBassett page to learn more about the benefits of having a MyBassett account, including online appointment scheduling, access to video visits, pre-registration, visit notes, prescription renewals, and more. To enroll in MyBassett and begin your E-Visit, please follow the below step-by-step instructions:
    • Register for MyBassett by calling (607) 547-5900 or toll-free (877) 498-5715creating an account online, or asking for assistance in setting up a MyBassett account during your next in-person primary care appointment.
    • Log in to your MyBassett account using your new credentials.
    • Select “E-Visits” from the MyBassett options.
    • Begin your E-Visit!
  2. Manually register for Bassett E-Visits. If you would prefer not to have a MyBassett account, call us at 1-800-BASSETT to manually register. Once you're registered, you'll be able to access E-Visits through our Bassett E-Visits login page.

If you’re not a Bassett Healthcare Network patient or have not previously received care at one of our facilities, you will need to register in our electronic health record before you can access our E-Visits service. To do this, please call 1-800-BASSETT. During your call, we'll ask you if you would like to enroll in MyBassett as well.

If you would like to enroll in MyBassett, we will help you enroll over the phone. After you’ve been enrolled, you can access E-Visits by:

  • Logging in to your MyBassett account using your new credentials.
  • Selecting “E-Visits” from the MyBassett options.
  • Starting your E-Visit!

If you would not like to enroll in MyBassett, we will help you manually register for Bassett E-Visits over the phone. Once you're registered, you will be able to access E-Visits through our Bassett E-Visits login page.

Children are considered any patient between the ages of 18 months – 18 years old.

If you are a parent who already uses MyBassett for your child, you will need to manually register your child for E-Visits by calling 1-800-BASSETT. Once registered, use the same process as you would to sign in to E-Visits for yourself (log in to your MyBassett account, and select "E-Visits" from the MyBassett options), select your child as the patient, and you will be able to begin your child’s E-Visit.

If you are not currently using MyBassett for your child, you will need to manually register. To manually register your child, you must first also register yourself by calling 1-800-BASSETT. Once you are both registered, you will be able to access E-Visits using your parental account on our Bassett E-Visits login page. After you're logged in, select your child as the patient, and you will be able to begin your child’s E-Visit.

Get Convenient & Affordable Same-Day Care with E-Visits

Skip the waiting room and get online health care on your schedule with Bassett Healthcare Network's E-Visits. No appointment, video chat, or direct communication is required. You'll receive a custom treatment plan within an hour, and you won't be charged unless a diagnosis is made.

Bassett Healthcare Network delivers fast, convenient, and affordable access to online health care with E-Visits throughout Central New York, including in Oneonta, Cooperstown, and Herkimer.