A.O. Fox Hospital History

Oneonta celebrated the laying of the cornerstone for a new 22-bed hospital on October 5, 1900. Colonel Reuben Fox, a prominent local politician and businessman, having recognized the need for a community hospital, offered $10,000 as a memorial to his wife if the city would provide a suitable site for the building.

Since 1917, a number of expansion and modernization projects have culminated in the present hospital and nursing home complex. The 128-bed acute care building was dedicated in 1976 to the memory of Jessie Smith Dewar, benefactor and long-time friend of the hospital. The 130-bed nursing home was built in three stages–unit I in 1968, unit II in 1972 and Unit III in 1982.

In 1991, the A.O. Fox Memorial Hospital Foundation successfully completed a $5.1 million capital campaign to help finance an $18.6 million expansion and renovation project. The emergency department, surgical services, maternity unit, outpatient services and support services were upgraded for the comfort and convenience of patients and their families.

In late 1996, the Board of Directors of Fox Hospital purchased and renovated the former Pyramid Mall in Oneonta into a contemporary outpatient care center. In the summer of 1997, the FoxCare Center opened to serve the community. The convenient, outpatient facility that houses many physician practices, a fitness center, an education center, lab and x-ray services, pharmacy, and more has become a central medical complex for Fox patients. A cancer care center and a dental practice were added in 2000. In addition to our acute care hospital, Fox offers a variety of health care services to meet the complete health and wellness needs of the residents in our area.

In 2013, Fox launched the Gold Standard Campaign to raise funds for a state-of-the-art modernization project – creating single-occupancy inpatient rooms throughout the hospital.  The campaign successfully raised $1.6 million and New York State awarded an $8.7 million grant to contribute to financing this project.  With the completion of construction, A.O. Fox Hospital is now designed with 53 single-patient medical/surgical rooms and a 14-bed observation unit to better serve the needs of our patients. The singe-occupancy rooms offer the privacy patients are looking for when they choose a hospital.

In short, Fox has grown into an entire community of health care services but one thing will never change, and it is at the very heart of Fox: the mission to provide excellent health care – and a caring touch – to our families, friends and neighbors. At Fox, we strive for excellence in patient experience in each encounter from the youngest of patients to the oldest of patients. 

Your family, your health, your Fox.

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