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Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac rehab

Outpatient Cardiac Rehab

The Cardiac Rehabilitation program assists patients recovering from heart attacks, heart surgery, or angioplasty, and those with cardiac disease. It is the goal of our staff to work with the patient in achieving their highest level of physical function. A physician's referral is necessary to begin the cardiac rehabilitation program at Valley Health Services.

Each patient is thoroughly evaluated and then placed on an individualized prescription program for exercise that is designed to strengthen the heart. Our state-of-the-art cardiac monitoring system ensures that your vital signs are continually being assessed as you use our cardiac exercise equipment.

Proper nutrition and understanding the need for healthy eating habits are essential for cardiac health. Our dietary staff will meet with you and your family, as requested, to provide information and discuss your questions and concerns. Our staff clarifies the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Each patient of the cardiac rehabilitation program is also encouraged to join the Hearty Hearts Club, a group that meets for lunch, socialization, and occasional programs. The luncheons are held quarterly at Valley Health Services and are free of charge. Spouses are welcome.