Home Oxygen

As a part of the Bassett Healthcare Network, we work closely with you and your health care practitioner to supply the equipment and oxygen you need and provide ongoing support for monitoring and assessment. We accept most insurance plans and will deliver directly to your door.

Equipment Delivery

Our number one goal is to provide the people of the region quality home delivery of oxygen and equipment for you and your family members. First Community Care of Bassett is a leading provider of oxygen equipment and home delivery, including:

  • Oxygen concentrators
  • Oxygen cylinders
  • Portable oxygen systems
  • Ultra-light portable systems

What to Expect

Your health care practitioner will determine your blood oxygen level with an oximeter. Based on your oximetry readings, the doctor will order:

  • Liter flow (the amount of oxygen delivered, for example: 2 liters per minute)
  • Frequency (how often you wear the oxygen, for example: 24 hours a day; at night; or only while exerting yourself)
  • Duration (how long oxygen is required, for example: for a few months or for a lifetime)

With this information, a First Community Care of Bassett trained service technician will come to your home on the same day to install all the necessary equipment and instruct you on the safe and proper use of all devices.

Within two business days following your set up, and at no cost to you, one of our licensed respiratory therapists will visit your home and perform a respiratory assessment. The therapist will review your medication, monitor your oximetry, and answer any questions you may have. The therapist will consult with your practitioner and follow-up with you as needed to ensure effective care in your home.

For more information please call during normal office hours, Monday through Friday, 8:30 am - 5:00 pm at (800) 390-4395 or (607) 547-2173. You can also email your request and a facilitator will return your email as soon as possible.