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Online Joint Replacement Class

Please note: We are now offering online joint replacement classes.

To participate in this online class, please watch the below knee replacement orientation video.

Bassett Orthopedic: KNEE Replacement Orientation

After you've watched the above video in its entirety, please fill out our online request form to receive the full Pre-Operative Patient Information form by mail, which you will then need to fill out and return to our team to be considered ready for surgery.

Knee Replacement Class

Constant knee pain can keep you from enjoying the activities you love. If our orthopedic surgeons have determined that you will benefit from a partial or total knee replacement, we strongly recommend that you attend our knee replacement patient education class. During this class, we will review the knee replacement surgery options, what to expect after the surgery, discharge and rehabilitation planning and requirements, and how to care for your new knee prosthesis once you have recovered from the procedure.

Joint replacement classes are held in Cooperstown, Cobleskill, Oneonta, and Herkimer.

Knee Replacement Recovery Time

Everyone recovers from a knee replacement at different speeds. Our orthopedic surgeons perform the latest surgical techniques to improve patient outcomes and minimize recovery time. At A.O. Fox Hospital in Oneonta, we offer the minimally invasive NAVIO™ robotic-assisted surgical system, as well as other advanced knee replacement techniques available network wide.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you suffer from inner knee pain during activity, start-up knee pain/stiffness after sitting, or if you are no longer finding relief through non-surgical treatments and your knee pain is limiting your activities on more days than not, you may be eligible for knee replacement surgery. Call (607) 547-3652 to schedule an examination.

The time it takes to return to work depends on your type of work. You will be required to wear a knee brace while your knee recovers. Patients with stationary jobs can typically return to work within a few weeks. Patients with more rigorous jobs may need to be cleared by their doctor after a few months of recovery before returning to work.

No driving is permitted until your doctor clears you with a physical examination.

Yes, you may. If you are traveling, inform the airport staff of your knee prosthesis before you enter the scanner.

Yes, your primary care practitioner and specialists will need to know about your joint replacement surgery. It is best to remind your practitioner at each visit.

Some patients report that they feel a “dull ache” in their new knee when the weather changes or after they spend time in the cold.

Your new knee is designed to be fully straightened (to 0 degrees), and bent to approximately 130 degrees.

Yes, if you follow the progressive exercise and walking program given by your therapist. These exercises are necessary and help to eliminate the habit of favoring the non-operated leg. Exercise aids such as trekking poles are an excellent way to assist your progress.

It is best to avoid repetitive lifting and high-impact activities with your new knee. If you have any questions about specific activities or situations, please discuss these with your surgeon.

Learn more about resuming your activities after knee replacement, or call (607) 547-3652 to speak with our specialists about your concerns.

Discharge & Rehabilitation

Discharge options will be reviewed during the class, prior to surgery. Finalization of discharge plans will occur post-surgery, once our specialists are able to re-examine your needs after the procedure. There are eligibility requirements for both rehabilitation facility placement and home health care services, which must be met for proper insurance coverage. Patients are encouraged to note their preferences for rehabilitation and discharge during or after the knee replacement class. Your insurance carrier will determine your eligibility after reviewing your clinical records.

Call to Register for a Knee Replacement Class

Call (607) 547-3652 to speak with our specialists and learn if knee replacement may be an option for you. If so, we can schedule for you to attend the nearest knee replacement class to learn more.

Bassett Healthcare Network offers knee replacement classes throughout Central New York, including Oneonta, Herkimer, Cooperstown, and Cobleskill.