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Other da Vinci Procedures

Other da Vinci Procedures

da Vinci and its Role in Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting

Coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) is a common procedure required in advanced coronary artery disease. The purpose of coronary artery bypass graft surgery is to "bypass" the blocked or obstructed coronary blood vessels with a segment of artery or vein from the patient's body. The internal mammary artery (IMA), which runs under the breastbone, is the preferred blood vessel to use during the operation. Cardiac surgeons at Bassett offer patients the option of minimally invasive robotic harvesting of the IMA, which potentially reduces post-operative discomfort in selected patients.

da Vinci for Rectal Cancer and Rectal Prolapse

For rectal cancer and rectal prolapse, patients are offered a minimally invasive surgical alternative to traditional open surgery using the da Vinci Surgical System®. A robotic-assisted surgical technique, using a few small incisions, provides your surgeon with remarkable visual clarity and precision to perform even the most complex and delicate surgeries in the pelvis.

“Using the da Vinci System allows for finer dissection and better pelvic nerve preservation,” says Bassett surgeon Luis Oceguera, M.D., fellowship-trained in colon and rectal surgery. "By avoiding damage to the pelvic nerves, both sexual function and bladder control are preserved, greatly improving the patient's quality of life after surgery."

And da Vinci surgery offers the potential benefits of less blood loss, a quicker return to bowel function and regular diet; shorter hospital stay, and faster recovery time and faster return to regular activities.