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HIXNY - Health Information Xchange of New York

Your health information, when your care team needs it most


To give you the safest, best care, your health care provider usually needs a lot of information: your medical history, allergies, prescriptions, specialist visits, lab tests and more. The Healthcare Information Xchange of New York (HIXNY pronounced HIX-KNEE) is an easy way for your providers to get this information.

HIXNY has created a secure, electronic service for exchanging health information among hospitals and providers beyond the Bassett Healthcare Network, throughout Central New York and the Capital Region.

This service allows your provider to view and share information like medication history, allergies, and test results. It also lets providers write prescriptions online and send them to your pharmacy.

The benefits of having accurate, up-to-date information include fewer repeated tests, reduced risk of mistakes, easier second opinions, and less chance of drug interactions.

Why does my provider need online access to my medical information?

At a routine office visit, your provider needs to have your current records. In a medical emergency, the providers treating you may not have time to track down critical information that could affect your treatment – and you may not be able to provide it. When you sign up with HIXNY to make your information available to specialists who need it, HIXNY can literally save lives.

How do providers get my information now?

If you seek care outside the Bassett Healthcare Network, your provider relies on phone calls, faxes, mail, and you to provide information they need. When you sign up for HIXNY, providers across the region will be able to access your important health details using this secure online service. By spending less time tracking down information, providers can spend more time on patient care.

Will my medical information be safe?

By law, HIXNY uses the most advanced security to protect your privacy. Access to your information will be limited to providers treating you. HIXNY tracks every person who accesses information. This service just makes it more efficient to get the information that is already being shared via telephone, faxes, and mail.

How do I sign up?

All you need to do is sign the HIXNY Consent Form and return it to the registration desk.

What if I don’t want some of my medical information shared through HIXNY?

HIXNY is not set up to exclude specific information, such as mental health information or sexually transmitted diseases. However, your information is kept private and secure. Only medical providers who participate in your care can see your information.

What should I do if I change my mind?

If you change your mind, ask for another HIXNY Consent Form to update/change your decision.

Why can’t my teenager participate in HIXNY?

NYS law allows teenagers to seek care for some conditions without parental knowledge or consent. Having their information accessible through HIXNY could compromise the confidentiality protection guaranteed to teenagers by those laws.

What area does HIXNY cover?

HIXNY includes 17 Upstate and Central counties: Albany, Clinton, Columbia, Essex, Franklin, Fulton, Greene, Hamilton, Montgomery, Otsego, Rensselaer, Saratoga, Schenectady, St. Lawrence, Schoharie, Warren, and Washington.