Meet Remi, Bassett’s Latest Addition to Its Expanding K-9 Security Force

Cooperstown, NY – Bassett Healthcare Network announced today the latest expansion of its K-9 security team. Remi, a 15-month-old Rottweiler and his handler, Officer Lynda May, have joined Hudson and handler, Officer Robert Meiser, and Coal and handler, Officer Ryan Salisbury in the organization’s growing K-9 force.

Officer Lynda May & K-9 Security Dog Remi
Officer Lynda May & Remi have joined Bassett Healthcare Network's K-9 Security Force

Bassett’s K-9 security team rotates across the network’s hospitals and clinic campuses to help meet the increased security needs that healthcare workers face today. Bassett Healthcare Network, like hundreds of other health systems and hospitals across the country, has seen a significant uptick in instances of physical and verbal assault towards healthcare workers in recent years. K-9 units are often able to quickly defuse tense situations before they escalate.

Bassett’s growing K-9 Security team is made possible by the generous support of Jane Forbes Clark of Cooperstown. “We are deeply appreciative of Ms. Clark’s commitment to the safety and security of our patients, visitors, and staff,” said Dr. Tommy Ibrahim, President & CEO of Bassett Healthcare Network. “All of us at Bassett extend a warm welcome to Remi and Officer May as they join our K-9 team, an essential facet of our security force.”

K-9 Security Dog Remi, a 15-month-old RottweilerOfficer May trained extensively with Hudson, Coal, and their handlers before Remi came to Bassett. Since his arrival, Remi and Officer May have honed their skills with the other K-9 units. Remi is extremely excited to meet everyone across Bassett’s network. He lives with Officer May and her family, which includes four other dogs and a cat, who has become Remi’s best friend. In his spare time, Remi loves his squeaky ball above all other toys.

Like Hudson and Coal, Remi will have his own baseball-style trading card available for young patients and visitors who wish to collect them.

“We are excited to have Remi and Officer May join our K-9 team,” says Harold Southworth, director of Public Safety and Transportation at Bassett, who has led the development of the organization’s K-9 program. “Our highly trained K-9s and handlers can turn escalating situations around. They add a new level of expertise to our Security team.”

In addition to its K-9 units, Bassett’s Security Department consists of more than 60 security officers who staff five hospitals and over two dozen regional health centers, acting as a safety resource for staff, patients, and visitors. They respond to emergencies and are the organization’s liaison with area law enforcement.

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