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FoxCare Center

Located less than 2 miles from A.O. Fox Hospital, the FoxCare Center houses primary & specialty care centers, as well as FoxCare Fitness, FoxCare Family Dentistry, the Cyber Café, and FoxCare Center Pharmacy.
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Oneonta FoxCare Center



1 FoxCare Drive
Oneonta, NY 13820

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Practices within FoxCare Center

Part of A.O. Fox Hospital and the Bassett Healthcare Network, the FoxCare Center houses the following primary, specialty, and family dentistry locations:

The FoxCare Center also houses Y Specialty Fitness, an outpatient pharmacy, and the Cyber Café.

Drug Collection Kiosk at FoxCare Center's Pharmacy

We're proud to offer drug collection kiosks at various locations throughout our network to help our community members clean out their medicine cabinets safely! Just bring your unneeded, unwanted, and/or expired medications to any of these kiosks for free, safe disposal — no questions asked.

At the FoxCare Center, the drug collection kiosk can be found next to the FoxCare Pharmacy.

Drug Collection Kiosk at Bassett Prime Care Cooperstown's Outpatient Pharmacy

  • This service is open to the public — you do not need to be a Bassett patient to participate.
  • The program covers over-the-counter, prescription, and veterinary (pet) medications.
  • Only pills and liquids can be deposited in the kiosks. Inhalers and sprays should be brought to one of the pharmacy locations to be collected at the pharmacy window.
  • This program does not accept needles and other sharps. Patients should ask their primary care provider about properly disposing of sharps.
  • Participants should only deposit medications prescribed to themselves, a dependent, or someone who is deceased.
  • Medications do not need to be in their original containers.
  • Thousands of Americans call poison control lines, get admitted to the hospital, or die each year due to home medication errors or accidental consumption. Eliminating unneeded medications can save lives — especially those of children, elderly people, and pets.
  • Prescribed painkillers are often sought out by people struggling with addiction. Disposing of unneeded pain medications can help fight the opioid epidemic.
  • Medications dumped in landfills or flushed down toilets contaminate soil, groundwater, rivers, and oceans. Returning drugs to hospitals and pharmacies to be properly disposed of protects wildlife and community water supplies.