Pharmacy Locations:

Bassett Healthcare Network's pharmacies combine the advantages the latest technology with the comfort and relaxed environment of the rural community hospital and health center settings:

Bassett Medical Center, Clinic Building Pharmacy
One Atwell Road, Cooperstown

FoxCare Center Pharmacy
1 FoxCare Drive, Suite 215
607-431- 5959

O'Connor Hospital Pharmacy
460 Andes Road, Delhi

Bassett Healthcare Network offers a diverse pharmacy practice opportunity with acute care, nursing care facility, and community or outpatient services combined under one department umbrella.

The acute care service combines a sophisticated distribution system with robust and well established clinical intervention processes. These include:

Distribution System

  • Adequate well trained support staff
  • Automation – McKesson Acudose automated dispensing units in all nursing areas
  • Enhanced McKesson Horizon Meds Management pharmacy clinical documentation system

Clinical Intervention Processes

  • Very receptive, responsive medical staff
  • Established program, expectation of interaction with pharmacy personnel
  • Interested involved pharmacy staff (pharmacists)
  • Significant opportunity for introduction of clinical pharmacy practice
  • Outpatient clinical opportunities
    • Co-ag clinic
    • Diabetes clinic
    • Med-management MTM, CDTM
    • Supportive administration

Bassett Healthcare Network's pharmacy practices also offer many educational opportunities to staff members, either as students or educators. We offer abundant professional education support as well as offering several programs each year to:

  • Medical staff
  • Nursing
  • Pharmacy students (ACP, Wilkes, etc)
  • Pharmacy staff

The pharmacy department at Bassett Healthcare Network offers the potential for personal growth, the reward of significant contributions to the day to day care rendered to our patients, and the opportunity to practice pharmacy in a relaxed, friendly, community hospital environment.