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Community Health Navigation Services at Bassett

What is community health navigation?

Community health navigation is an organization that works to help patients obtain health insurance. Some patients who already have Medicaid seek help managing their health care, especially if they are living with health conditions. Navigation services provide people with a variety of helpful services and guidance to ensure that they are leading a safe and healthy lifestyle. These services are accomplished by navigators, who oversee and provide access to services individuals need to assure that they receive all of the resources they need to stay healthy, out of the emergency room, and out of the hospital.

What is a navigator?

Navigators are a unique group of advocates who work directly with Medicaid-eligible individuals, helping them obtain insurance, navigate the health care system, providing them with preventive care, and helping them meet goals to maintain a safe and healthy lifestyle.

What is the cost?

This voluntary program is at no cost to the patient. Medicaid pays for the services offered with community health navigation.

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