Meet the New Chief of Women's Health | MyHealthy Decisions

In this Women’s Health issue of MyHealthy Decisions, learn more about Dr. Samuel Badalian, and how his specialty in urogynecology can help you live a happier, healthier, and more comfortable life.

Samuel S. Badalian, MD, PhD, DrMedSc, is among the world’s foremost urogynecologists, and is an award-winning scientist who has published original research advancing women’s health. As chief of women’s health for Bassett Medical Center, he oversees 26 practitioners — seven physicians and 19 advanced practice clinicians — and brings previously unavailable surgical and nonsurgical treatments to Bassett Healthcare Network to treat female urinary and reproductive tract problems.

In addition to being board certified in obstetrics and gynecology, Dr. Badalian is certified in the subspecialty of female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery. Dr. Badalian has been practicing medicine for 39 years. He has been a physician in the United States for the past 28 years.

Ground-Breaking Research

Earlier in his career, Dr. Badalian delivered babies and conducted research on fetal amniotic fluid and the fetal breathing cycle. His doctorate research concentrated on the renal function of kidneys in fetuses.

However, he says, “In the last 20 years, my main interest shifted and I concentrated on postmenopausal health.”

Being an expert in kidneys led him to combine his interest in urology and expertise in gynecology. He recognized the high demand for medical treatments for women as they age.

In 2010, Dr. Badalian published ground-breaking research: “The Prevalence of Vitamin D Deficiency in Women With Urinary and Fecal Incontinence.” He noticed that many women with osteoporosis also struggled with incontinence, and he used his research skills to discover and prove that there is a correlation.

World-Class Care

Trained in his native Armenia and respected internationally, Dr. Badalian speaks four languages: Armenian, Russian, English and French. After teaching other physicians and surgeons around the world in urogynecology, Dr. Badalian realized that these treatments were not available to women in the eight counties that Bassett Healthcare Network serves. Since joining Bassett, he has already helped women from Utica, Rome, Binghamton, and Syracuse — and word is spreading quickly that this specialty care is now available.

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