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Statistics indicate that many of us are living with diabetes9.5 percent of adults in Madison County. But thanks to a new program, Living Well with Diabetes, Bassett Healthcare Network patients in Madison County have access to a national evidence-based self-management program to support a decision to be a more active manager of this chronic health condition. Living Well with Diabetes is a free, seven-week workshop series for people who have been diagnosed with diabetes but want to learn how to manage some of the challenges of living with diabetes, such as insomnia, weight gain and planning for meals. Discover and learn with a group of your peers practical ways, tips and techniques, to help you live well with diabetes. Call today to sign up and take control of your diabetes, instead of letting it control you.

Workshop in Madison County for Living Well with Diabetes:

Hamilton- Colgate Bookstore, Tuesdays, 2 p.m. 4:30 p.m. (begins last week in April)

For more information, call 607-547-3360 or email LivingWellSessions@bassett.org.