Bassett Medical Center Delivers 1000th Baby of 2021

1000th Bassett Baby of 2021
​Jessica and Cody hold their newborn son, Jameson.

Bassett Medical Center (BMC) welcomed its 1000th 2021 baby into the world last week. Jameson, a baby boy, was born in BMC's Birthing Center to the joy of all.

"Our team in the Birthing Center has always been hardworking and dedicated," shares Stacey Jordan BSN, RN, Manager Birthing Center and Inpatient Pediatrics. "But during the pandemic they've proven themselves in new ways that astound me. It is wonderful to reach this milestone together."

Of course no one was happier than Jameson's parents, Jessica and Cody of Sherburne, NY — especially since they experienced some unexpected bumps along the way. After a smooth labor, he became twisted in the birth canal, requiring a cesarean section. But this was another opportunity for the Birthing Center Staff to shine. 

"Our nurses and doctors have been phenomenal," says Cody, "especially when things got rough. I was worried — balling my eyes out — when we realized that Jameson was turned around. But everyone calmed us down, answered all our questions and acted quickly to do what needed to get done."

In particular, Jessica and Cody expressed gratitude for Sunny Dickerson, RN, Mary Livermore, RN, IV, and the C-Section staff for their roles in welcoming their first born into the world.

"Sunny and Mary especially made us feel at home as soon as we arrived," says Cody. "We have a loving family who, with all the pandemic safety protocol, couldn't be here with us. But those two made all the difference in the world."