Bassett Expands Benefits for Employees with Homethrive

Bassett Healthcare Network announced today that it is enhancing its employee benefits package by offering Dari by Homethrive, a family caregiving technology platform for employees caring for aging family members or loved ones with special care needs, including children.

According to an AARP study, approximately one in five Americans is providing unpaid care to an adult with health or functional needs. Caring for a loved one who is aging or has special needs impacts employees of all ages and levels.

Bassett employees will now have 24/7 access to family caregiving expertise, resources, and coordination, helping their loved ones to get the care that they need. Services range from round-the-clock resources, to live chat with experts, to one-on-one support provided by a personal Care Guide for in-depth help and emotional support. Homethrive joins a full suite of popular employee support benefits available to all Bassett employees. Recently added non-traditional benefit options that can alleviate financial pressure in times of need include legal and identity theft protection, hospital indemnity, accident, and critical illness insurance.

“Many members of our staff are caring for their patients while also worrying about family members at home,” said Christine Pirri, Senior Vice President, Chief People & Diversity Officer at Bassett Healthcare Network. “We have listened carefully and learned that family caregiving support is one of the most valuable benefits we could provide for our most valuable asset: our employees. By partnering with Homethrive, we are able to alleviate stress for our caregivers and help their loved ones.”

Homethrive services available at no cost to Bassett caregivers include:

  • 24/7 on-demand resources, including articles, podcasts, and videos on topics like Medicare open enrollment, the signs of early dementia, and tips on interviewing in-home care providers
  • Live chat options with experts on aging and caregiving to get real answers from real people, and requests for personalized product or service recommendations
  • 1:1 support with an expert Care Guide when more help or emotional support is needed, no matter how big or small the situation

“The toll on healthcare workers caring for family members who are aging or have special needs is extremely concerning,” said Homethrive co-founder and co-CEO, Dave Jacobs. “We’re proud to provide the support these heroes need.”

“Bassett caregivers are committed to providing world-class healthcare. They and their families are an integral part of the communities we serve,” said Dr. Tommy Ibrahim, President & CEO of Bassett Healthcare Network. “As we enhance our benefits to support each and every caregiver, we enhance the wellbeing of people throughout our region. We are excited to offer Homethrive to support our employees and their loved ones at home.”

More About Homethrive

Homethrive is the next generation caregiving benefit innovator that’s revolutionizing support for unpaid family caregivers and their loved ones. Through its high-impact family caregiving platform, Dari, Homethrive breaks the caregiving support mold by skillfully blending self-service digital caregiving and health support with expert human interaction to effectively and efficiently right-size care to large populations. Members have 24/7 access to one-of-a-kind resources tackling subjects such as Medicare, Alzheimer’s, long-term care, family care and dynamics, self-care, special needs support, and more. Members needing more one-on-one support are paired with a credentialed caregiving and aging expert, called a Care Guide, who stands side-by-side with them (virtually) to provide concierge-level guidance, advice, and care coordination tailored to their needs.

Homethrive is proven to: support talent strategies with 80% reduction in voluntary turnover and 100% of employees feeling more supported by their employer; increase productivity and presenteeism by saving members an average of 16.4 work hours per month; improve employee well-being with 96% of employees reporting significant reduction in stress; reduce the need for high-cost senior living facility care from 75% to 10%; and lower claims cost by 24% versus control group.