• Living Well with Chronic Pain

  • Is chronic pain interfering with your daily activities?

    "Drugs alone will not work. You do have a way to manage your pain and this course will help. You are not alone with pain management" 

    Join us for a FREE *6-week educational workshop series to learn how to live a fuller life with chronic pain. This workshop will give those suffering with chronic pain a community to lean on and tools to manage pain, including:

    • Support from others with chronic pain
    • Tools to manage symptoms
    • Goal setting and problem solving
    • Safe exercise information
    • Ways to cope with difficult emotions
    • Ways to talk to doctors, family and friends about your needs

    *The zoom workshop is 7-weeks long to provide a brief Zoom tutorial at the first session.

    Chronic Pain Workshop Registration

    For your convenience, we are offering multiple ways to participate. Registration is required. There is no fee, just a commitment to participate throughout the six weeks.

    Click on your preferred method of participation and complete the webform to register for our workshops:

    For more information on each delivery mode, please visit our Living Well FAQ page.

    For more information, call (607) 547-3948