The Great American Smokeout 2019

Join the Great American Smokeout Nov. 21

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Join the Great American Smokeout by visiting a table at one of our locations around the network and committing to quit! Get FREE smoking cessation help and information, giveaways, and raffles at one of our tables around the network! 

Just one day without cigarettes can reduce your cancer risks, and we want to provide you with the tools to become independent from smoking for good! That’s why we have joined the American Cancer Society’s, Great American Smokeout this November to offer support and education to those seeking a “smoke free” life. 

Find an information table location near you:

  • Bassett Medical Center - Clinic Building Lobby
  • Bassett Health Center Andes
  • Bassett Health Center Stamford
  • Bassett Health Center Walton
  • Bassett Health Center Sidney
  • Bassett Health Center Herkimer
  • Bassett Health Center Norwich
  • Bassett Health Center Hamilton
  • Bassett Health Center O’Connor Hospital
  • Little Falls Hospital
  • A.O. Fox Fox Hospital
  • Foxcare Center
  • Oneonta Specialty Services
  • A.O. Fox Hospital Tri-Town Campus
  • Bassett Health Center Middleburg
  • Bassett Health Center Sharon Springs
  • Cobleskill Regional Hospital
  • Bassett Health Center Cobleskill
  • Bassett Health Center Delanson

Mindfulness Workshop to Stop Smoking

Presented by Relax and Expand 

Join Eileen at Cobleskill Regional Health Center on November 21 at 5pm for a mindfulness workshop. Eileen's techniques and daily mindful-meditation practices have aided in healing her compulsive behaviors and breaking her habitual patterns. Eileen will guide the session in learning her techniques to aid in quitting smoking, and introducing new ways to say no to cravings.


Sign up now by calling 518-410-4402


Keep Going! You got this!

What to do after you make your commitment

Picking the day is a big milestone. It’s the first step to quitting smoking and announces your intentions to quit and stay quit. It also says you are committed to making a change.

Remind yourself why you started this journey! After the big quit day, recommit to your quit every Monday. If you have a motivation list, take it out and look it over as a reminder of why you quit and to inspire your re-commitment.

Did you have a slip up after your quit day? Don’t beat yourself up! Acknowledge any progress you made, then quit again the following Monday.

Commit to taking part in the Great American Smokeout now! It’s the perfect opportunity to stamp out smoking from your life and use Mondays thereafter to help stay quit for good.

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