Medical Student Research

Medical Student Research

The Bassett Research Institute and NYCAMH offer many opportunities for medical student research at any point during medical school, primarily by students in the Columbia-Bassett program. The Center for Clinical Research and Center for Biostatistics support student research efforts. Henry Weil, MD Assistant Dean for Education at Bassett Healthcare-Columbia University, together with the project principal investigators, mentor students on their projects.

Our Focus

Clinical Research

Many medical students choose to do a research project in the clinical specialty or specialties they plan to pursue in residency.

Performance Improvement in Healthcare

The Columbia-Bassett program includes training and certification in performance improvement methodologies, thought to be critical to improving the safety and efficiency of US healthcare systems. Students can explore the impact of performance improvement methodologies in medical education and on healthcare delivery.

Rural & Agricultural Healthcare Access & Delivery

Bassett Healthcare Network is one of the largest rural healthcare networks in the US with the largest network of rural School-Based Health Centers. Furthermore, the Northeast Center for Occupational Health and Safety: Agriculture; Forestry; Fishing is centered at NYCAMH. This makes Bassett an ideal place to study rural and agricultural healthcare delivery.

Medical Education

Students consider optimization of medical education and study Columbia-Bassett’s innovative curricula, primarily the longitudinal integrated major clinical year and the Systems, Leadership, Integration, & Management (SLIM) curriculum focused on health systems and performance improvement.

Medical Student Programs

Summer Internship

Three to four medical students can participate each year in a paid research internship for up to 10 weeks during the summer between their 1st and 2nd years of medical school.

Scholarly Project

All Columbia-Bassett medical students are given a minimum of 4 months and up to 10 months of protected time in their 4th year of medical school to complete a required scholarly project, with the aim of contributing new knowledge to the field of medicine.

Learn More About Our Medical Student Research Programs

For more information, please email Henry Weil, MD, our Assistant Dean for Education at Bassett Healthcare-Columbia University: