Health Services Research

Health Services Research


Welcome to Health Services Research at Bassett Medical Center’s Research Institute!

You may be wondering: “What on earth is health services research?” Firstly, it is a type of scientific inquiry. It examines various players in healthcare, what they do, how they do it, how well it works out, and what improvements could be made. Also known as HSR, this field attracts professionals from many different disciplines and backgrounds. The exact subject matter can therefore vary based on the individual interests of the scientists conducting the research and the needs of the communities that they seek to serve. HSR is evolving both nationally and globally as fast as the health care industry itself!

In a nutshell, Health Services Research can be defined as the quantitative and/or qualitative investigation of factors influencing healthcare delivery. Such factors are examined at the level of the individual patients, providers and staff, healthcare organizations, financiers, policy makers, medical educators, healthcare technology innovators, communities, and/or society at large.

Studies in health services research assess the quality, quantity, and cost of healthcare, as well as the experiences of providers and recipients of that care. The purpose is to make evidence-based recommendations for improving healthcare by ensuring that it is patient-centered, safe, accessible, affordable, and effective. HSR draws insights from diverse theories and empirical disciplines or methods in order to understand what hinders or enhances the provision and/or reception of preventive or curative healthcare. The dissemination of research evidence and its translation into new health policy and “real world” medical practice is another rapidly emerging strand in HSR.

For more detailed definitions of this type of research, please click on the University of Washington web page.

The Health Services Research program at Bassett Healthcare Network’s Research Institute, began in the spring of 2013. It is led by Caroline Gomez-DiCesare, MD. Here is an outline of some of the IRB approved studies at the Research Institute that are currently being undertaken by the Health Services Research unit:

1: Practitioner Resilience, Adaptability, and Wellbeing Study (PRAWS)

This community-based research study assesses the levels of stress, discouragement, and burnout among healthcare providers as well as their job satisfaction, resilience, coping and adaptability styles. We utilize practitioners' responses to a validated, self-administered multi-instrument questionnaire-survey to measure these constructs. Our purpose is to identify the most prevalent individual, geographic, practice, specialty, or organizational level sources of greater job stress and strain. Our findings will provide baseline measures for future evaluations and also inform the implementation of personal or institutional interventions that are intended to enhance resilience and well-being in clinical workplaces.

2: Nurses’ Resilience, Satisfaction, and Engagement Study (NuRSES) 

The NuRSES project considers an ecological model of nurse job engagement and satisfaction. We are studying the role of individual, group/team, organizational and community factors that predict occupational stress resilience and quality of work life among nurses. In turn, we are expecting that nurses who are more stress resilient and have a higher quality of work life will be more engaged and satisfied with their jobs. We are hoping that this study will give us more information about what areas contribute the most to nurse satisfaction. This data can also be used to find areas of improvement within the organization that could increase nurse retention.

If you would like to learn more or have questions or comments to share, please contact the Health Services Study Team at:

Caroline Gomez-DiCesare, MD
Health Services Research Division
Bassett Healthcare Network Research Institute
One Atwell Road, Fieldstone Building, 4th Floor
Cooperstown, NY 13326
(607) 547-6695 or 1-800-BASSETT