Center for Population Health

Center for Population Health


The Bassett Research Institute was selected by the New York State Department of Health (DOH) to organize and facilitate population health efforts in a five-county region of central New York as part of the Department of Health's Population Health Improvement Program (PHIP). It is the job of the PHIP to help New York communities to begin addressing the health behaviors, the environmental and socioeconomic conditions that have proven to be the major factors determining a population’s health.


The MVPHIP is charged with providing a forum in which stakeholders including county health departments, hospitals, insurers, agencies and a wide range of other interested parties can review the region’s health status and define key priority areas. Decisions are to be based upon information relating to these counties derived from extensive data gathering and analyses by the Research Institute. The MVPHIP then stimulates and supports strategic planning for identifying, sharing, disseminating and helping to implement best practices and local strategies that promote population health and reduce health care disparities in the five-county region.



The Mohawk Valley Population Health Program (MVPHIP) serves Fulton, Montgomery, Herkimer, Schoharie, and Otsego Counties.


Our website offers a variety of tools that are useful to community members, community-based organizations, public health, faith-based, and other human service organizations. Tools such as data, community health information dashboards, promising practices, regional projects, and events, as well as our new Report Assistant which will assist you in creating eye-catching dashboards and reports tailored to your region, county, or zip code. To see an example please click MVPHIP Webpage Report, or access the Report Assistant

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For more information, or to be added to one of our workgroups, please contact;

Aletha Sprague, MVPHIP Supervisor or Dr. John May, MVPHIP Primary Investigator