Center for Biostatistics

Center for Biostatistics

The Center for Biostatistics supports clinical research projects from considerations of the most efficient study design and calculations of sample size to handling, analyses, and reporting of data. Bassett biostatisticians provide invaluable support for grant proposals in project design and data handling / analysis.

The main processor at this facility is an IBM x366 server with 16 GB RAM and two dual core processors. The system has six 73 GB hard drives with a ServeRAID 8i RAID controller. The system supports the TELNET and TCPIP protocols.

Initial PC data entry is done in the Microsoft Access database software. Data can also be received from a variety of other software packages or in ASCII. All statistical analyses are performed using the SAS system.

The center currently manages over 35 large databases relating primarily to research in obesity, cancer and heart disease. A health census of Otsego County, which assesses the overall health status of the area, is also available.

The Center is directed by Paul Jenkins, Ph.D. Dr. Jenkins completed his doctorate in statistics in 1993. The staff of the Center for Biostatistics consists of three statisticians (one each at the doctoral, master's, and bachelor's level), a database manager, a programmer, telephone survey staff, and four data entry clerks. Independent study students and interns are also on staff during certain academic semesters. Statistical and computing support are offered to hospital and research institute staff on an as-needed basis.