Job Shadowing / Internship Experience

Job Shadowing Experience

The goal of Bassett’s Job Shadow Program is to help individuals learn about careers in the health care field, as well as the skills and education tracks required for different occupations. The job shadowing experience is designed to be a one-time observation only experience, lasting two to four hours. The job shadowing experience does not fulfill any clinical or internship requirements, nor does it provide any hands-on experience. Job shadow participants are not paid for their time.

Internship Program

Bassett Medical Center provides unpaid internship opportunities to enhance student learning in health care occupations. Internships at Bassett are only offered to high school graduates in partnership with specific accredited colleges, universities, or allied health programs as part of a student's curriculum/graduation requirements (either for credit or non-credit hours).

Complete the acceptance process:

Frequently Asked Questions

Job shadow participants must be 16 years of age.

At least three weeks in advance.

Applicants should expect a response in approximately seven business days, but the time may vary depending on the number of applications and immunization records to process.

A PPD is a tuberculosis test. The first step is receiving an injection, and the second is to return to the facility between 48 and 72 hours later to have a health professional examine the injection site.

You can shadow up to 5 times during each shadow experience. Individual departments may have specific requirements; please ask your supervisor.

Please see volunteer information here.

Volunteers should dress in business casual attire: khakis, dress shirt, or dress pants. No jeans, no open-toed shoes, and no tank tops.

If you feel ill, please contact Volunteer Services at 607-547-6691 or


If you have other questions about job shadowing, please contact Volunteer Services at 607-547-6691, or fax request to 607-547-3584.