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Early detection is key in diagnosing breast cancer. Getting your annual mammogram is a great way to detect cancer in its early stages, but getting the most accurate exam with 3D mammography can detect cancers at their earlier, more treatable stages, and reduces the chance of false positives.

What is 3D mammography?
3D mammography technology, also known as digital tomosynthesis, takes rapid images of the breast at multiple angles. Each of those images represents a one millimeter layer that creates a 3D image. This method allows your radiologist to see cancer in its smallest, earliest stages.

What's the difference between 3D and a traditional mammogram?
While there is no additional compression required with a 3D mammogram examination, the readings are far more accurate. The 3D mammogram will only take few seconds longer than a traditional mammogram.

Am I a candidate for a 3D mammogram?
Talk to your provider about 3D mammography. Most women who are eligible for a traditional mammogram are approved for 3D mammography.