• Medical Home - Patient-Centered Coordinated Care

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    A medical home is a medical office where a team of professionals work together to provide and coordinate your health care across multiple settings. Your medical home team includes your health care provider, others who support you, and—most importantly—you. You are the most important person on the health care team. Patient-centered is a way of saying that you are the focus of your health care.

    Different members of the team will interact with you to provide care and support within their area of expertise:

    • Doctors, nurse practitioners and physician assistants provide assessment and treatment.
    • Registered nurses provide telephone advice and follow-up post-hospital stay.
    • Licensed practical nurses and medical office assistants will meet with you during office visits, ask intake and history questions, record your medications, immunizations, and take blood draws.
    • Administrative assistants provide general reception in the office and reminder phone calls or letters.

    All work together as a team to provide you help to get you healthy, stay healthy and get the care and service that are right for you.

    Many Bassett primary care practices have received national NCQA Patient Centered Medical Home recognition for this work. Bassett Medical Center has been designated as a New York State Medicaid Health Home serving members residing in/or receiving services in Chenango, Delaware, Otsego, and Schoharie Counties.

    Your Medical Home Care team:

    • Knows you and remembers your health history. They know enough about your personal or family situation to suggest treatment options that make sense to you.
    • Listens to your concerns and helps answer your health questions.
    • Helps you coordinate your care for medical and behavioral health services and working with other health experts if necessary.
    • Is available 24/7 if you need them. You can communicate with your care team by phone, or through MyBassett Health Connection. You can get an appointment quickly when you are sick. Just call 1-800-BASSETT (1-800-227-7388) to be connected to your Health Center, or to speak to an on-call provider after–hours.
    • Encourages you to play an active part in your own health care. Your medical home team will ask you to choose a wellness goal that is important to you and will work with you toward achieving it.

    What can you expect?

    • A care plan that is personalized and created just for you.
    • Answers to your questions to help you better understand your care needs.
    • Information about local and online resources to help you manage your health.
    • Preventive immunizations and screening tests.
    • Evidence-based guidelines and recommendations for chronic conditions.
    • Electronic access to the practice to request appointments, renew medications and ask for clinical advice.
    • Prescriptions to be e-prescribed to your pharmacy as part of safe medication prescribing.

    How can you help?

    Learn about caring for yourself

    • Know that you are a full partner in your own care.
    • Learn about your condition and what you can do to stay as healthy as possible.
    • As best you can, follow the plan that you and your medical home team have agreed is important for your health. If you have questions, ask!

    Communicate with Your Care Team

    • Always bring a list of questions to each of your appointments. Also bring a list of any medicines, vitamins, or remedies you use.
    • Always tell your medical home team when you don’t understand something they said. Ask them to explain it in a different way.
    • Always share your medical history and tell your medical home team if you get care from other health professionals so they can help coordinate the best care possible.
    • Always talk openly with your care team about your experience getting care from the medical home so they can help you better.

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