• Who do I call if my son/daughter gets hurt?

    Each school is different. When the Athletic Trainer arrives at a school, he will find his contact person. This person may be the Athletic Director, school nurse (in most cases), or a coach. This person is determined at the beginning of the year.

    When your son/daughter gets injured, they should let their coach know immediately. From there the coach will notify the contact person (AD, nurse, or other coach) to set up an appointment with the athletic trainer. The athletic trainer will evaluate the injury and recommend a course of action at that point. Most cases, the injury is managed right there at the school with some basic injury care and rehabilitation exercises. Some cases however may need additional evaluation by another provider (orthopedic physician or orthopedic physician's assistant). This will be noted on the evaluation form that the student athlete will receive.

    Upon conclusion of the evaluation, the student athlete will receive a copy of the evaluation form. This form will summarize the injury and give instructions on how to manage it along with recommendations on status of play. Rehabilitation exercises are given to the student and are available for view under the Rehab Tips section of this website. Additionally, the hotline number (800-618-8880) is on the form if the parents have any questions regarding their child's injury.

    Andrew Spence, ATC, MED, CSCS - 800-618-8880
    Thomas Benoit, ATC, MED, CSCS - 800-955-8568