• What is a certified athletic trainer?

    A certified athletic trainer attends to the needs of injured athletes and helps them return to play by evaluating the extent of their injury, treating the injury, performing functional testing, performing rehabilitation and teaching the athlete how to prevent further injury through appropriate conditioning.

    Does my school have a certified athletic trainer?

    Schools that participate in Bassett’s Sports Medicine Program have access to a certified athletic trainer who travels to area schools as needed.

    How do I get in touch with a certified athletic trainer?

    Call the Sports Medicine Hotline at 1-800-618-8880. The hotline can be reached 24 hours a day. Please leave your name, contact information and a detailed message.

    What can I do after I sustain an injury?

    The body's natural process after injury is to swell. Inflammation is critical to healing, but the swelling associated with it can interfere with range of motion. An athlete should put ice on the affected area for 20 minutes (provided the athlete does not have an allergy to cold.) The area should be elevated when possible. A compression wrap is also recommended on an injury to help prevent swelling. The acronym RICE (R for Rest; I for Ice; C for Compression and E for Elevation) is an easy way to remember these simple measures, which will help to reduce swelling and pain associated with the injury.

    Who do I call if my son or daughter gets hurt?

    When an athlete is injured, he or she should let their coach know immediately. The coach will notify the school’s designated contact person (usually the athletic director, school nurse or a coach) to set up an appointment with the athletic trainer, who will evaluate the injury and recommend a course of action. In most cases, the injury is managed right there at the school with some basic injury care and rehabilitation exercises. Some cases may need additional evaluation by another provider. This will be noted on the evaluation form that the student athlete will receive. This form will summarize the injury and give instructions on how to manage it, along with recommendations on status of play.

    What happens after a consultation with the certified athletic trainer?

    The athletic trainer will assess what care should be given. This care may include further evaluation by an orthopedic surgeon, physician assistant or other provider. If that step is not necessary, the trainer will recommend a course of action geared toward allowing the athlete to return as quickly as possible, yet safely, to his or her sport.