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Golf Stretching and Training


Prior to any round of golf, it is important for the golfer to be warmed up. Taking a couple of swings is okay, but if you spend a little extra time performing a few calisthenics you can create a stronger you and a more efficient golf swing. Without dissecting the golf swing (that is for the pros), what is one of the main movements? The answer is and revolves around the rotation of the torso or the core as it is known in the industry. Having a strong stomach and back will improve your swing as well as increasing flexibility and create a healthy core. This will also help to prevent other problems such as back pain, which is the most common cause of loss of work.

Stretching program

  • When performing the stretching exercises, hold each stretch for about 20-30 seconds and repeat each stretch 2-3 times.
  • Stretch till you feel some mild tension. Do not make it painful.

Low back stretches

  • With shoulders flat on ground, rotate left leg across body and pull down with right hand
  • Change the angle of stretch by pulling your knee towards your head and pushing down towards your feet


  • Repeat stretch on the other side


  • Lift both knees to your chest with your hands behind your knees, lift your head to get an additional stretch
  • You can also do this stretch on leg at a time


  • This stretch will involve the hamstrings and the low back
  • Reach for opposite leg with opposite hand


  • Repeat to other side


Low back and stomach exercises

  • When performing the exercises, perform 15 repetitions and repeat with about 30-60 seconds rest
  • When possible concentrate on good form and maintain good posture
  • Hyperextension- start and finish
  • Keep hips on the table or ground

golf-10a.jpg    golf-10b.jpg

  • Flexions- laying flat, lift shoulders off the ground or table to flatten your low back
  • It is a modified sit-up or crunch


  • Finish the sequence with hyperextensions

golf-10a.jpg    golf-10b.jpg

  • On a stability ball with feet spread apart for balance perform a regular crunch
  • For more of a challenge, move feet closer together on the second set

golf-13a.jpg    golf-13b.jpg

  • Now perform hyperextensions on a stability ball with feet apart

golf-14a.jpg    golf-14b.jpg

  • With a golf club or a weighted bar perform a series of raises
  • Keep stomach tight and back straight

golf-15a.jpg    golf-15b.jpg

  • Diagonal raises

golf-16a.jpg    golf-16b.jpg

  • Repeat other side

golf-17a.jpg    golf-17b.jpg

  • Over the head side to side

golf-18a.jpg    golf-18b.jpg

  • With a club twist side to side

golf-19a.jpg    golf-19b.jpg

  • Behind your back twists

golf-20a.jpg    golf-20b.jpg

  • Mimic your swing while balancing on the ball
  • Choke down on your club and make smooth rhythmic swings without hitting the ground
  • Control is the key

golf-21a.jpg    golf-21b.jpg

Shoulder exercises

  • Internal rotation- with elbow at side (note towel between side and elbow)
  • Put band on other side on other side of body for external rotation

golf-22a.jpg    golf-22b.jpg

  • Internal rotation at 90 degrees
  • For external rotation, reverse the motion with band in front of you

golf-23a.jpg    golf-23b.jpg

  • Diagonal raises
  • Try to keep elbow straight

golf-24a.jpg    golf-24b.jpg

  • Front raises

golf-25a.jpg    golf-25b.jpg

  • Reverse of golf swing
  • Try to mimic the exact swing against the resistance of the band

golf-26a.jpg    golf-26b.jpg

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