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Anatomical Terms

MOI - Mechanism of Injury
Valgus/varus - force from lateral and medial aspect respective
Proprioceptors - receptors that help with balance and kinesthetic awareness
Agonists/antagonists - prime muscle mover and opposite prime mover
Soft tissue - muscle, ligaments, tendons etc
Bony tissue - bones
Inflammation - natural body process that occurs after injury to clean up area
Vasodilation/vasoconstriction - dilation and constriction of blood vessels respectively
Spasm - muscle protective response to overstretch or contraction
Modalities - are used to treat injury are in many forms
Cryotherapy - cold modality along with exercise after tx
Thermotherapy - warm modality with exercise after tx

Body Position

Anatomical position- position where references are made to
Proximal/Distal- close to specific site and farther than respectively
Superior/Inferior- towards head and away from head respectively
Anterior/Posterior- towards front and back of body respectively
Medial/Lateral- towards and away from the midline respectively
Dorsal/Palmer/pedal- reference to top of hand/foot, palm of hand and bottom of foot resp


Flexion/extension- shortening and lengthening the muscle
Abduction/adduction- movement away and towards the midline
Dorsiflexion/plantarflexion- movement of ankle superiorly and inferiorly (dorsally/plantarly)
Pronation/supination- turning palm medially and laterally, also mvts in ankle
Inversion/eversion- turning ankle inward and outward
Internal/external rotation- rotation medially and laterally on an axis
Opposition- touching your pinky with thumb


Isotonic- contraction while the muscle shortens
Isometric- contraction while muscle remains the same length
Eccentric- contraction while the muscle lengthens

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