• Hip Replacement Options

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    At Bassett, hip replacement surgery is considered after more conservative approaches have failed to provide relief. Emphasis is on the individual and their level of discomfort. Only the patient truly knows when it is necessary for a hip replacement surgery.

    Pictured at right: Bill Chimelewski had Direct Anterior Hip Replacement

    There are three options for a patient seeking a hip replacement.

    Direct Anterior Approach

    Direct Anterior replacements involve little to no cutting of muscle around the joint which means strong joint stability. New technology in the operating room allows the surgeon to perform Total Hip Arthroplasty through a single anterior incision. Bassett’s surgeons can position and move the leg throughout the procedure to eliminate the need for muscle detachment from the pelvis and femur.

    Other advantages to the direct anterior approach are hospital stays as short as 2 days, potential earlier weight bearing, possible quick recovery, and lower risk of dislocation. Patients do not have to observe movement precautions.

    Lateral Approach

    Lateral approaches separate the muscles that abduct the hip which we use for standing. This procedure results in patients having a low hip dislocation rate. Like the posterior approach, it also has a recovery time of 1-3 months. During recovery it is important to avoid unnecessary extension and external rotation to avoid dislocation.

    Posterior Approach

    The posterior approach has been very common for hip replacements and is especially useful for revisions and deformities. This procedure involves making an incision in the buttock and then reattaching muscle to the back of the hip once the replacement has been made. This traditional method has a recovery period of 1-3 months. Patients should observe movement precautions to avoid dislocation.

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