• Frequently Asked Questions

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    How do I know I need joint replacement?

    When joint pain interferes with your ability to function and you are no longer able to carry out daily activities without pain, joint replacement may be a viable option for you.

    Will I set off the metal detector at the airport because of my prosthesis?

    Yes, you may. Inform the airport staff of your replacement before being scanned.

    Should I tell my other health care providers that I have had a joint replacement?

    Yes, all of your providers will need to know you have had a total joint replacement.

    When can I drive?

    No driving is permitted until you return to the clinic to see your doctor, approximately four to six weeks after surgery.

    When the weather is cold, will I feel the hardware in my knee?

    Some people feel a "dull ache" with weather changes and time spent out in the cold.

    Eventually, how far will my knee bend?

    The prosthesis is designed to be fully straightened (to 0 degrees) and bent to approximately 130 degrees.

    Will I be able to walk without a limp?

    Yes, if you follow the progressive exercise and walking program given by your therapist. It is essential to eliminate the habit of favoring your operative leg. Trekking poles are an excellent exercise aid for distance walking.

    What about long-term precautions?

    Some precautions should be taken for life. No skydiving, jogging on hard pavement or high-impact activities. Avoid carrying heavy objects up and down stairs or slopes.