• Discharge and Rehabilitation

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    Discharge Planning

    Discharge planning starts prior to surgery. You and your surgeon will talk about discharge plans before your surgery. Discharge options will be reviewed in Total Joint Education Class. Plans are finalized at the time you are discharged, depending on your needs at that time.

    • Patients typically stay in the hospital for three to four days for a total joint replacement. 
    • There are eligibility requirements for rehabilitation facility placement or home health services which must be met for insurance coverage.
    • Your insurance carrier will determine if you are eligible after reviewing your clinical records.
    • We will review possible options at your first educational session and continue to evaluate and plan throughout your hospital stay.

    Rehabilitation Time

    Total joint surgery requires a period of time for rehabilitation to regain use of the affected joint. The recovery period is different for everyone. Typically, our patients are walking with assistance the day after surgery. Within months, you should be able to return to driving and leisure sports such as walking, cycling and dancing.