• Pre-Exercise Heart Screening

    Bassett's Preventive Cardiology Program also offers a special program that is dedicated to reducing the cardiovascular risks associated with participation in competitive and recreational sports and exercise.

    The screening program is designed for both young and older patients who:

    • Have been inactive and wish to start an exercise program or are active and want to intensify their exercise routines.
    • Play competitive or team sports.
    • Have a family history of sudden cardiac death, irregular heart rhythms, fainting, or other congenital heart problems.
    • Have symptoms, including fainting, chest pain, or shortness of breath.
    • Have been told that their heart exam is abnormal.

    Does my primary care provider (PCP) have to refer me?

    Many insurance plans allow you to make your own referral. If so, you may make an appointment directly by calling Bassett's Cardiology line at 607-547-3180.

    Is Bassett's Pre-Exercise Screening Program covered by Medicare and Medicaid?

    Yes. Patients who receive treatment at Bassett's Preventive Cardiology Program & Lipid Clinic or Pre-Exercise Screening Program are covered, as sessions are billed as sick visits. Check with your insurance provider to learn more details.