• N.E.T. Links

    If you're like many adults, you're striving to hit your healthy weight range. And with good reason: being overweight can increase your risk for a wide variety of conditions, from heart disease to diabetes.

    That's why we developed N.E.T. Links. It's a flexible program that empowers you to manage your own diet and exercise, so you can control your weight and enjoy a sense of well-being. N.E.T. Links offers:

    • Initial assessment and consultation with a registered dietitian and exercise specialis
    • Individual follow-up sessions to assess your progress in achieving your goal
    • Ongoing, interactive group workshops that provide practical information to keep mind and body motivated

    With N.E.T. Links, you pay as you go, for as long as you want. Best of all, the program offers the motivation and education you'll need to reach your target-safely and effectively.